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My name is Everett Warrick, Founder and CEO of Visionary Credit Consultants. Visionary Credit Consultants started from a vision I had after dealing with Bad credit for many years. I Believed instead of going through a big credit consumer corporation that I can improve my credit; in just 6 months I improved my fico credit report from a low 500’s to the 700’s. If I could do this for myself and my family, I can make your credit goals a reality. We are dedicated to helping our clients live the credit happy lifestyle they deserve. I know you’re thinking, “We’ll isn’t this a credit repair company?” Well, unfortunately, because my company does assist with correcting inaccurate information on consumer credit reports, my company is attached to the “credit repair industry” which doesn’t have a good reputation. Because of this, myself along aside of Visionary Credit Consultants, go through overachieving measures to provide a heartwarming environment and great customer service that makes you self-assured and at ease.

Honestly, this is what I believe makes Visionary Credit Consultants stand out! My company is a reflection of myself: passionate, dedicated, loving. I’ve had bad credit and mismanaged financial habits and because of that, it caused me to miss out on a lot of opportunities, like becoming a homeowner, drive my dream car, and just have the confidence of getting approved for what I wanted when I wanted.

I found that through mindset, positive affirmation training, credit knowledge, and proper money behavior, not only could I live a credit happy lifestyle, but I could also help others how to do it too!

I know the many challenges bad credit and bad money habits can bring and to be honest with you, that changed when I decided to change. I want you to know that you don’t have to live at the level of your circumstances and we at Visionary Credit Consultants can help you with that! 

Trust me, this isn’t an easy process but know that this investment WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


Welcome to the Visionary Credit Family!


Visionary Credit Consultants is a credit repair company that focuses on the accuracy of

consumer credit reports and provides engaging financial resources to ensure that they are able to

live a better life. We are consumer advocates and the voice for consumers who are being turned away and denied credit due to the misleading, inaccurate, unfair or unverified negative information on their credit

reports. In fact, 79% of all credit reports contain some type or error and 25% of those errors are so serious that it can cause one to be denied credit. In addition, we’ve found that when consumers attempt to correct these errors, their voices often go unheard leaving them feeling hopeless about their credit situation. At Visionary Credit Consultants, we become your voice! We speak up! We know the credit consumer laws and we know your rights. We work with you to ensure that inaccurate or questionable information that is leaving a negative impact on your credit report is resolved. This type of information not only ruins your credit reputation, it makes life much harder to live. Being your voice to ensure the proper reporting of your credit reports is called credit repair.

Our company is built on integrity and our mission is to provide hardworking consumers the

credit they deserve. We know that good credit and healthy money habits creates access,

opportunity, and generational wealth.

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